me and my hubby
  Hello! Anyong hasaeyo! Mabuhay! Sawadeka! Thank you guys for stopping by at "Lovin'sweettreats".  This is a personal website and blog about my baking experiences. 
  My desire to bake goodies began when I was in high school. I was dreaming to be able to bake very good treats for myself and family. It happened that there was a vocational baking class in a small community next to where we live, so my mom enrolled me and I learned some tips how to bake and that was the beginning of my baking fantasy. I started baking at home when I was 13 years old and my favorite recipe that time was banana cake which became the favorite  treats of my family too. As I reminisced this day how this started it brings a smile to my face. I was baking, steaming  or frying goodies  every after school in my high school years and sold it to my classmates and schoolmates. My parents were supported  to me with my desires of baking by buying me a hand mixer and it made my baking  hobby much easier. They also bought me a thick baking recipe book which helped me practice some other recipes. I loved looking their pictures and made my mouth watery by looking at them. They looked very good on this paper and they must taste good too ( I thought). When I was a kid my two little eyes were always stuck on the cake shelf at the bakeshop every time we went to town. English is my second language so I had hard time comprehending all the strange words on that recipe book but those were'nt the hindrance to keep on trying. Now, if there are words that unfamiliar to me, I will just call my living and walking dictionary (my hubby) and I don't need to turn the pages of dictionaries to find each words meaning (hahahhaa). My baking and decorating skills at those times was pretty minimal but still I kept on dreaming that somehow someday I can make cakes like what is being sold at the store. Now I am dreaming my dream a piece by piece. Anyways, I'm so grateful to God for the opportunities to be here in the states. Opportunities to develop my skill and fulfill my dream. I am hoping that I will be living my dream to own a bake shop not here in the states but to where I was from. I am grateful to my hubby and mother-in-law for their support and encouragement.  Most of my recipes are modified from the book and my mother-in-law's old recipe collection  and recipes from home ( Philippines) .So most of my recipes you will see on my here is tasted by me, my hubby, family members and friends. You will see some of my decorated cake here too.

P.S. I am a big fan of buddy. I always watch his cake boss show where in fact my christmas present from my hubby is buddys' book entitled CAKE BOSS. I just finished reading his book and had full good information and inspiring.

Comments are always welcome for this will help me improve my recipes and skills.

Have fun baking with me!